PWR Health Consultants, Inc.

Probation & Parole Officer

Relapse Prevention = No More Victims

At PWR we offer a treatment program designed to break the cycle of high-risk destructive behaviours perpetuated by individuals in our society who too often were, and still are, victims themselves. Untreated, the vicious cycle continues, behaviours reoccur, the perpetrator remains haunted by actions they cannot control - and more victims result. Society in general and individuals pay the price when the root cause of these behaviours remains unidentified and untreated. We know it is possible to change the way the brain functions and thereby change behaviour. The end result - NO MORE VICTIMS!



PWR's program is designed with the two-fold purpose:

1.) Support the patient

2.) Provide the probation/parole officer with objective evidence that demonstrates the patient's progress in treatment

The Binder includes the patient's Relapse Prevention Plan, Change Plan, and Environmental Analysis as well as other critical documents. The Binder is a requirement for participation in our program and becomes central to the process. Our patients have been able to use their Binders to demonstrate new learning and progress in therapy when they meet with their probation or parole officer. The requirement to maintain their Binder keeps patients actively engaged in the process and this helps probation and parole know what the patient is doing in therapy, how well he is participating, and the areas that still need to be addressed. It is a tool that facilitates both communication and progress.


Progress Reports and Status Updates

PWR Health Consultants, Inc. can provide letters detailing the patient's attendance, progress in therapy, present status update, and respond to any other concerns that Probation and Parole may have in regard to the client. Over the years, our role has been not only to diagnose and treat, but also to help inform patients, their families, lawyers, judges, probation and parole officers, and others regarding the nature of mental illness and its role in predisposing an individual to high-risk behaviors.


The Best Next SteP - from assessment to treatment

PWR Health Consultants, Inc. does not provide forensic psychiatric evaluations or risk assessments. This is in order to maintain the ethical boundaries required for forensic treatment providers, since the professionals who conduct assessments cannot also provide treatment. There are a number of excellent forensic psychiatrists, forensic psychologists, and other mental health professionals in Toronto and the GTA who can provide forensic assessments. PWR can make those referrals, however, our specialty is treatment. As our patients will be the first to tell you – treatment is the key to living a healthy, relapse-free life.



PWR has several case summaries available online that highlight the difference that treatment can make in trial and sentencing outcomes.