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Our society compartmentalizes experience and knowledge. Life does not. People’s lives and actions are complex and to understand them, we need a variety of perspectives. No single branch of knowledge can capture all we need to know. So it is with law and psychiatry.
— The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada
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The Case for Treatment

Criminal defence lawyers work hard to defend their clients. They see offenders every day and understand that jail does not provide an environment for rehabilitation and recovery for those charged with criminal offences rooted in high-risk behaviours and addictions. They understand that treatment programs are needed in order to interrupt the cycle that brings their clients back into the legal system over and over again. They understand better than anyone that when offenders remain untreated, community safety is compromised.

PWR Health Services is a community-based clinical treatment program for sexual offending and other high-risk behaviors (e.g. fraud, shoplifting, DUI, etc.). PWR serves lawyers and their clients by bridging the gap in accessing mental health care and treatment for the behaviors that led to criminal offending in the first place. We are based in Toronto and have been working in this specialized niche of Forensic Psychotherapy for ten years, in partnership with the criminal justice system, to reduce recidivism and promote safety. 

"You’ve got to not just see it as some sort of addiction, but you have to understand
what the mechanisms are and then individualize the treatment accordingly.”

~ Dr. Eli Coleman, Director of the Sexual Health Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School

PWR's program is comprehensiveevidence-based, and we have a proven track record of favorable responses from the Courts. The program includes individual and group therapy components, and we provide medical-legal reports for bail, sentencing, parole/probation, and disciplinary hearings. We work together with criminal defence lawyers to optimize outcomes in regard to the legal process and to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our patients. In fact, our patients often remark that being charged was "the best thing that ever happened to them" because it led to them getting help and changing their lives for the better. When you send your clients to treatment, they win, society wins, and you win in the courtroom.

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OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE of rehabilitation: The Binder

PWR's program is designed with the two-fold purpose:

1. Support the patient

2. Provide the defence lawyer with objective evidence that demonstrates the patient's progress in treatment

"The Binder" is a requirement for participation in our program and becomes central to the process. Our patients have been able to submit their Binders to the Courts as evidence of their rehabilitation resulting from active participation in our community-based treatment. This has garnered favourable responses from judges because it clearly represents the significant effort made and work completed by the accused individual.

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Medical legal reports

PWR Health Consultants, Inc. provides medical legal reports to aid in the legal process (i.e. bail, sentencing, parole, etc.). Our reports have been used by criminal defence lawyers to help make the case for reduced or conditional sentences due to the availability of specialized treatment in the community. Over the years, our role has been not only to diagnose and treat, but also to help inform patients, their families, lawyers, judges, probation and parole officers, and others regarding the nature of mental illness and its role in predisposing an individual to high-risk behaviors.

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The Best Next SteP - from assessment to treatment

PWR Health Consultants, Inc. does not provide forensic psychiatric evaluations or risk assessments. This is in order to maintain the ethical boundaries required for forensic treatment providers, since the professionals who conduct assessments cannot also provide treatment. There are a number of excellent forensic psychiatrists, forensic psychologists, and other mental health professionals in Toronto and the GTA who can provide forensic assessments. PWR can make those referrals, however, our specialty is treatment. As our patients will be the first to tell you – treatment is the key to living a healthy, relapse-free life.



PWR has several case summaries available online that highlight the difference that treatment can make in trial and sentencing outcomes.